Colour and grain variations are natural characteristics of authentic wood surfaces. Since no two trees are exactly alike, these variations are evident in every piece of wood. Natural variations are softened somewhat by the application of toners and stains. These finish applications are not designed to eliminate, but to enhance the charm and unique characteristics of the natural wood. Although great care is taken to match colour and pattern, some variation must always be expected due to the nature of the various wood species.

Therefore, again, due to the natural variation of colour and grain in the wood, there can and will be, slight variations in color and graining between our showroom samples and the actual finished product. These variations contribute to the natural beauty of using an organic material and are acceptable throughout the cabinetmaking industry. Variations within these cabinetmaking standards will not be reason for replacement. Customers interested in a perfectly consistent colour and graining should consider coloured lacquer cabinetry or some of the synthetic materials offered such as laminate, wood grain melamine or PVC.