Cabinets, particularly wood cabinets, should be treated like a fine piece of furniture.

Using the following care suggestions will ensure the longest possible service and beauty of the high-quality finish applied by DM Woodworking Inc. to your cabinets.

Remember that it takes around 30 days for the lacquer on your cabinets to fully cure and harden. Use clean, soft cloths only, when cleaning your cabinets. Clean all surfaces with a damp cloth, drying immediately with a dry cloth. Avoid rubbing.

Mild, lemon-based soap and water applied with a clean cloth can be used to remove oil, grease or other material from the surface. All soap residues should be rinsed from the surface using a clean, damp cloth. To maintain the beauty of your cabinets, care for them as you would any piece of fine furniture. Wax is not recommended on finished wood surfaces.

Scratches and Nicks

These can be eliminated or hidden by using a touch-up color maker on shallow scratches or by using a matching wood-tone putty stick on deeper scratches or nicks. Matching touch-up markers and putty sticks are available from DM Woodworking Inc.

Things to Avoid

Do not wipe your cabinets with a dishcloth. A dishcloth may contain soap, grease and other agents that can be detrimental to the finished surface. Do not use detergents, strong soap, abrasive cleaners or self-polishing waxes, which can also be harmful to the finish. Keep the finished surfaces dry.

Excessive moisture is an enemy of any finish or wood product. Do not allow water or other liquids to be in contact with cabinet surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Water will eventually be absorbed by the wood and cause swelling. Steam from kettles or others should be directed away from the underside of cabinets or the bottom edge of doors. This could eventually affect the adhesion of the edge-banding and may also dull the finish. Dampness next to dishwasher, sink or toe kick areas can cause finish damage and eventual damage to the underlying wood if not dried as it occurs.

Interior Surfaces

The standard interior on DM Woodworking Inc. cabinets is a non-absorbent melamine surface that resists scuffing, marring and repels most household spills. Cabinets with finished wood interiors are protected by a hard, cured finish that is extremely durable. To clean either of these surfaces, simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge and dry thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.