Since 1984, DM Woodworking Inc. has maintained its focus of providing the highest quality cabinetry for the best value.

Over the years, DM Woodworking Inc. has continually evolved and adapted to the requirements of a sophisticated and highly demanding audience, interpreting the new trends of today’s ever changing lifestyles. As a result of the company’s commitment to its roots and the ability to constantly modernize production methods, the DM Woodworking Inc. name has become synonymous with quality and excellence in product quality and service.

Much like a master tailor makes a suit that fits the individual perfectly, our craftsmen tailor cabinetry to suit your individual taste. Shaping and fitting them into rooms of different sizes, shapes and architectural styles is demanding work, but if the ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction, it can only be achieved by the hands of a truly skilled and highly gifted craftsman.