DM Woodworking Inc. is an expert in kitchen design and manufacturing, but can also provide the highest quality bath, storage and entertainment cabinetry at competitive value. Through the years, we have been producing custom furnishings to address any budget.

Whether you are in the market for a new kitchen, bathroom vanity, breakfast nook, mudroom or any other type of cabinetry, your job is to make sure you get maximum value for your investment. DM Woodworking Inc. is proud to offer some of the finest quality cabinetry available. Below we have outlined an overview of what you can expect from DM Woodworking Inc.

Rely on our expertise to execute a design that brings your dream to reality.

Thanks to our extensive collection of door styles, an endless opportunity of colors and finishes, as well as limitless hardware combinations, our designers are equipped with industry-leading product offerings to create truly unique designs and satisfy the modern demand for detail.

With years of experience and product research, combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, and maintaining strict standards of quality, the result of every DM Woodworking Inc. project is a kitchen that looks and works beautifully for years to come.

DM Woodworking Inc. offers an extensive range of cabinet hardware and accessories designed to enhance the ergonomics and functionality required in the modern kitchen. We research our products thoroughly, and settle only for the components that provide the most value for the dollar.

The following value-add components are included with every DM Woodworking Inc. order :

  • Cabinet boxes in their entirety are built with 5/8” material. To further enhance strength, durability and value, the blind dado construction method is used. Utilizing CNC machines ensures the utmost precision.
  • Drawers are constructed with the same 5/8” material.
  • Adjustable shelves are found in both base and wall cabinets.
  • Soft close and fully adjustable hinges are standard on all doors.
  • Underside of upper cabinets and exposed interiors are finished to match exterior.
  • Standard upper cabinet depth is 13” deep to accommodate bigger plates and provide maximum storage.
  • Base cabinets are installed on plastic leveler legs with a snap-on toe kick. In the event of a flood, your cabinets will be safe. Only the toe kick should need to be replaced.
  • All painting and staining is done by our team. This ensures only the highest quality paints and finishes are used

Crafted for those who crave the culture and allure of the past, traditional cabinets come to life thanks to our vast selection of door designs and styles, that, combined with exquisite finishing techniques, provide the means to recreate the ultimate classic kitchen interior.


Crafted for those who crave the culture and allure of the past, traditional cabinet styles come to life with our custom designs and materials. Whether in a rustic wood stain or an antique paint and glaze finish, our ability to recreate traditional designs and our dedication to the finest qualities of past generations are the ingredients that will guarantee a final product true to the original period from which it was inspired.


In a skillful manipulation of form and proportion, classically inspired architectural elements with the clean lines of contemporary design, the Transitional Kitchen results in a comfortably tailored and uncluttered style. With the simple application of traditional finishes on a contemporary door style, or the use of a more uncluttered design with one of our many traditional doors, it is possible to create relaxed, yet sophisticated kitchen environments that provide the perfect gathering place for the home.

In a well orchestrated ensemble of old and new, timeless design schemes and practical day-to-day conveniences are skillfully combined in well appointed rooms, resulting in a successful blend of styles that re-defines comfort and luxury.


For the modern family inundated with information and technology overload, the minimalistic contemporary design has gained momentum in recent years. Typically inspired by urban center designs, the contemporary kitchen finds it’s luxury in it’s simplicity. With the use of modern materials and hardware systems, and the expert guidance of our designers, this contemporary design will wow your guests in it’s function and form.

Our company objective is to supply the ingredients and the know how, and let the creative mind produce the kitchens of tomorrow.

Outside the Kitchen

The highest quality standards and superb finishes available in our kitchen cabinetry can easily find their way into more formal or private areas of a house. Elegantly appointed bedroom wardrobes, highly accessorized walk-in closets and finely dressed bathroom vanities are just some of the applications DM Woodworking can address. Every cabinet part and component not only is made with the best possible quality, but also provides some of the most technologically advanced and design innovative features.

DM Woodworking’s in-house design and manufacturing facility allows most home furnishing requirements to be easily fulfilled. This custom manufacturing capability offers our clients the choice to enjoy in every room of the house the quality and luxury that our product provides.