We take great pride in the cabinets we create especially for your home. That’s why we choose only the highest quality materials. As a result, we can confidently warranty all DM Woodworking products for 20 years from the date of installation. This warranty applies only to permanently installed products, which have not been moved or modified from their original place of installation. DM Woodworking Inc.’s obligation is limited solely to the repair or replacement of our product. This warranty only applies to the extent of the work done by DM Woodworking Inc. and does not apply to work done by subcontractors.

In addition, all hardware (hinges and drawer slides) comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s all part of DM Woodworking Inc.’s commitment to build kitchens of lasting beauty and functionality. Void only where misuse, abuse or environmental hazard (high / low humidity, UV exposure, etc.) are evident. Our warranty applies only to cabinets installed by DM Woodworking Inc. and used in single-family, non-rental, non-commercial residences. DM Woodworking Inc. periodically updates and makes changes to its product lines and specifications. If repair or replacement is required for a product that is no longer available, we will do our best to match the style with a current, similar style. DM Woodworking Inc. cannot be held responsible for replacement products that do not exactly match the original product.

Certain accessories, such as sinks, faucets, waste bins, counter tops and other custom-ordered materials carry warranties and guarantees from their individual manufacturers and suppliers. Should there be any problems with these items, please advise us and we will be happy to assist you.

Laminate counter tops are warrantied by their manufacturer to be free of defect in materials and workmanship. Please be advised that the miter joint(s) should be protected from accumulated or prolonged moisture as this will often cause excessive swelling at the joint. Miter joints are not guaranteed against swelling or separation caused by moisture.

During the first year following the customer’s installation date and referring to cabinetry items supplied and installed by DM Woodworking Inc., warranty items will be supplied and installed at no charge. Following the first anniversary date, transportation and/or freight charges as well as on-site labor costs are for the account of the owner. Warranty or service work cannot be provided for orders that remain unpaid.

This warranty excludes damage caused by physical abuse, chemical damage, damage from heat or/and moisture, or chips in laminate or wood panels caused by improper use. This warranty also excludes damage caused by natural disasters, earthquakes, fires, and floods. All wood products undergo a natural aging process and are therefore not covered under any warranty. This warranty is non-transferable to a new homeowner.

If there are any cabinetry items that require service or repair, we will do our best to schedule our customer service representative to address these items in a timely manner.