Two major factors that may affect your new cabinets are foundation movement and humidity level.

There may be occasions when a new home experiences slight settling during the first several months following your move-in. This may cause cabinet doors to become misaligned or may cause some minor separation in small joints such as moldings or trims.

The humidity level in a new or renovated home following the application of the drywall is often considerably higher than normal. In some cases, this may cause the doors and panels to take on additional moisture and swell. On the opposite side, if your cabinets have been made in the summer months where air is more humid, wood might have swelled slightly during production. Come winter months with its dryer air, your center panel might shrink and show a line of nude wood. This is easily fixed, just give us a call in January, as this is the time of year where the maximum shrinkage occurs, and the visible lines will be fixed. To prevent major shrinkage, the humidity should be kept over 35% during winter months.